Delphi Chatterjee


Phone: 970.491.7495
Office: C320 Microbiology Building

B.Sc., M.Sc., Visva Bharati University, India
M.Sc., Ph.D., University of London, U.K.

Colorado State University 
 Research Interests

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Dr. Chatterjee's Laboratory Group

Dr. Chatterjee's Lab

Front left: Libin Shi, Anita Amin, Delphi Chatterjee, Shiva Kumar Angala
Back left: Pradeep Pramanik, Zhang Jian, Bagganahalli Somashekar, Elyse Dowdy

  Anita Amin

Research Associate III

Anita Amin......a molecular biologist by training, she joined the group in 2004. Her research is mainly focused on deciphering how the emb genes are regulated and also to identify if one or all of them are responsible for the Ethambutol resistance. She is also involved in in vitro screening, in mammalian cell lines, of novel compounds to facilitate the evaluation of antituberculous drugs. She has recently decided to venture into the field of M.tb pathology but is still a novice in that area. She also manages the Chatterjee lab and if you have any questions about the day to day running of the lab she is the go to person.
email: Anita.Amin@ColoState.EDU

 Libin Shi

Research Scientist

Libin Shi... Research scientist. Her research is focused on the structure to function aspect of the genes responsible for the biosynthesis of Mycobacterial cell wall and the physiology of in vivo Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

 Jian Zhang

Research Scientist

Jian Zhang, graduated from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Shanghai, China, is primarily focused on carbohydrate biosynthesis in Mycobacterial cell wall, using chemical probes to investigate biological function of the enzymes in arabinan biosynthesis.

email: Jian.Zhang@ColoState.EDU

 B.S. Somashekar

Post Doctoral Fellow

B. S. Somashekar is postdoctoral fellow working in our group since Feb.2008. He obtained his doctoral degree from Centre of biomedical Magnetic Resonance, Lucknow, India. In our lab, his research is mainly focused on deciphering host metabolome of M.tb infected intact tissue specimens in Guinea Pig models using High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HR-MAS) NMR spectroscopic technique. Recently, he extended his research in discovering host metabolome of M.leprae infected intact tissues in Armadillo models.

email: BS.Somashekar@Colostate.Edu

 Shiva Kumar

PhD Candidate

Shiva kumar Angala...a graduate student from India, who is working on the complex cell wall biosynthesis of Mycobacterium. His aim is to develop and standardize an enzyme assay for the screening of novel compounds for antituberculous drug development. He is also actively working on developing robust cell free arabinosyl transferase assay using linkage specific synthetic acceptors.





Undergraduate researchers Kayla, Elyse; These are the gems of this laboratory. Bright, energetic and often funny. If you need a functional, clean and orderly laboratory, you can count on them. Above all, they also do research, Elyse works with Anita, pouring millions of plates, doing cytotoxicity studies and what naught and if you want reagents for biosynthesis, you come to Kayla. But watch out, one is a premed and the other is a prevet, wait till they become qualified doctors.

Kayla's email: KWiesner@Rams.Colostate.Edu
Elyse's email:


Visiting Student

Pradeep Pramanik: Another premed who graduated from Emory University. Versatile and loves chemistry, what more could we ask for when working with Mycobacterium tuberculosis !!!!!!!