Johne's Disease Educational Information

Johne's disease has been a major focus area for ILM activities. Because the disease was not seen as a major livestock production issue prior to the mid-1990's, there are important needs for producer and veterinary education, program organization and research that need to be met in order to effectively work with this problem. ILM participants have worked at both the national and state levels to help address these needs.

Educational efforts by the ILM
Within the State of Colorado we've worked with both producers and veterinarians to increase the background information and knowledge they have for pursuing control efforts effectively. This has been accomplished by numerous seminars, farm visits, and through distribution of information via the Colorado Dairy News.

At the national level, Dr. Frank Garry has worked on the education subcommittee of the National Johne's Working Group (NJWG), which is a component of the United States Animal Health Association (USAHA). These efforts have contributed to the formation of a national education initiative that assists the development of a national control program and provides education to dairy veterinary practitioners.

There are now several good online sites for information and education:

Dr. Mike Collins of the University of Wisconsin has developed the Johne’s Information Center. An excellent source of information about the disease, appropriate control efforts, and the organism that causes the disease.

The National Johne's Education Initiative site, sponsored by the NJWG, provides background information about the disease but also includes information about the national program and initiatives to control the disease.

The Johne’s Disease On-Line Veterinary Certificate program was developed to assist veterinary practitioners in becoming certified to work with the national control program. This on-line training course was developed by educators at the University of Wisconsin, with contributions from ILM personnel.

The National Animal Health Monitoring System, which is a component of USDA:APHIS:VS, and located in the Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health, in Fort Collins, Colorado have performed numerous national studies of various livestock production systems. Included have been surveys of Johne's disease. Dairy 2002 study report on Johne's disease on dairy operations in the United States
Information from other aspects of this study at the National Animal Health Monitoring System

Program Organization
ILM has worked extensively with numerous different groups to assist the development of programmatic efforts to control Johne's disease in livestock populations. In the state of Colorado, we have assisted the Colorado Johne's Disease Advisory Committee to develop the Colorado Voluntary Bovine Johne's Disease Control Program.