Our mission at the Robert H. and Mary G. Flint Animal Cancer Center is to enhance prevention and treatment of cancer in animals and humans. We attain our mission through the thoughtful, innovative, and careful study of the causes and treatment of the disease in animals.

We have recently proposed an ambitious 10 million dollar plan that will vastly increase and expand research, development, and application of new cancer treatments. The proposal will also create new national and international research partnerships. The proposal has been laid before the Colorado State University Academic Enrichment Program committee. If approved, it will make the center an international leader in basic cancer biology and the translational research used to discover and administer new cancer diagnoses and treatment. It would also make Colorado State University the first and only veterinary school in the nation to offer an advanced degree in cancer biology. For this proposal to gain approval, the Animal Cancer Center must provide evidence that it can fund the first $5 million from private donations, which will then be matched through the Academic Enrichment Program.

The proposal envisions a premiere cancer research network centered at the Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center, which already holds international recognition for its outstanding achievements in cancer research. It is the point of focus for all cancer related activities at the university. Through the creation of new regional, national and international scientific collaborations, the proposed program will investigate the molecular signatures of cancer.

In keeping with our mission to improve prevention and treatment of cancer in animals and humans, this program will have a great impact on the search for new answers to old questions.

Lab Research
Dr. Susan LaRue conducting research in the lab.

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