John Volckens
Associate Professor
Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

ERHS 726 – Aerosols and Environmental Health

The objective of the course is to discuss aerosols and their relationship to problems in industrial hygiene, engineering, air pollution control, and atmospheric science. The course requires knowledge of calculus and college-level physics. Topics cover the physical and chemical principles underlying the behavior of particles suspended in air, including: particle size, aerodynamics, motion of particles in a force field, particle size statistics, optical and electrical properties, diffusion, condensation and evaporation, deposition in the respiratory system, bioaerosols, and measurement techniques.

ERHS 636 – Industrial Hygiene Control Methods

The objective of the course is to discuss contaminant control in the workplace, community, and natural environment with an emphasis on industrial hygiene. The course requires college-level physics and a minimal knowledge of calculus. Topics cover the physics of air movement and the fundamentals of workplace ventilation, including: airflow measurement, dilution ventilation, local exhaust ventilation, hood design, fan selection, replacement air, aerosol and gas control, and control economics.

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