John Volckens
Associate Professor
Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences

Engineering research in the field of public health has received growing attention in recent years, due to the recognition that the environment plays a large role in the development of disease. Indeed, many of the great public health advances in the last two centuries were driven by engineering discoveries. Today, the national and global need for public and environmental health

engineers is greater than ever. As a teacher, I hope to develop the next generation of innovative leaders armed with the interdisciplinary skills needed to solve today’s complex public and environmental health problems. My specific interests lie with particulate matter air pollution. Particulate matter (PM) air pollution places a tremendous burden on the

health of our communities, our workforce, and our environment. Humans are exposed to PM from a variety of sources in nearly every aspect of life: at work, home, and outdoors. As a researcher, my goals are 1) to understand the adverse impacts of air pollution on human and environmental health and 2) to engineer solutions to the air pollution problems we face as a society.


Dr. Volckens in his lab