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Del Sandfort

Delvin R. Sandfort, C.I.H.
Associate Professor

Phone: (970) 491-6462
Fax: (970) 491-7778
Office: 134 Environmental Health Building



Research Interests

The practice of Industrial Hygiene is a unique blend of art and science. A practitioner must be able to apply scientific principles and techniques in every conceivable setting while working with a wide range of "customers". The workplace has changed dramatically over the years but in many ways it has remained the same. Workers are still exposed to chemical, physical and biological stressors at work.

Mr. Sandfort's background is in Public Health, Agricultural Health and Occupational Health. He is certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene in comprehensive practice. Over the years, he has worked for a variety of agencies and industries. His experience ranges from monitoring dust exposure during wheat harvest, to waste anesthetic gas exposure in dental clinics, to exposure assessments at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center site. His current research interests are physical agents such as noise and electro-magnetic radiation. He is also interested in exposures to specific work populations such as silica exposure in construction and beryllium exposures among dental laboratory workers.

Most importantly, he is interested in the delivery of occupational health and safety services to small, high-hazard businesses. Mr. Sandfort currently manages the On-site Health and Safety Consultation Program for the State of Colorado. This program provides technical health and safety services to small businesses throughout the State. A unique specialty of this project is to help employers establish a sustainable, comprehensive safety and health program.

Selected Publications

  • Roy M. Buchan, Pabitra Rijal, Del Sandfort and Tom Keefe. Evaluation of Airborne Dust and Endotoxin in Corn Storage and Processing Facilities in Colorado. IJOMEH, 15, No. 1, 57-64, 2002.
  • Todd, B., D.R. Sandfort and R. Buchan; Respirator, Total Dust, and Endotoxins in Grain Elevators and Corn Bins. Appl. Occ. Env. Hyg,, 2002.
  • William J. Brazile, R.M. Buchan and D.R. Sandfort; Respiratory Fit and Facial Dimensions of Two Minority Groups. Appl. Occ. Env. Hyg. Vol. 13, No. 14, April, 1998.
  • Darragh, A., R.M. Buchan and D.R. Sandfort; Aerosol of Wood/Sewage Sludge Compost. Appl. Occ. Env. Hyg., 12(3):190-194, March, 1997.
  • Johnson, M.C., R.M. Buchan, D.R. Sandfort, P.D. Schwartz; Characterization of Blood-Containing Aerosol Generated During Canine Total Hip Replacement Surgeries. Appl. Occ. Env. Hyg. Vol. 12, No. 11, November, 1997.
  • D.R. Sandfort and Mitchel W. Little, Technological Advances-Making OSHA Access Easier. Appl. Occ. Env. Hyg. Vol. 11, No. 10, October, 1996.
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