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Stephen Reynolds

Stephen J. Reynolds, C.I.H.

Phone: (970) 491-3141
Fax: (970) 491-2940
Office: 154 B Environmental Health Building



Academic and Other Positions

Research Interests

Dr. Reynolds' research efforts focus on development of exposure assessment methods for organic and biological aerosols and the application of these methods for epidemiological investigations of respiratory disease. In particular, current research focuses on comparative assay and chemical (GC-MS) approaches to evaluating Gram-negative bacterial endotoxins and their role, along with genetic risk factors, in lung disease among agricultural workers. Related research into environmental causes of asthma and other respiratory disease problems among children and adults in non-industrial environments also focuses on effectiveness of interventions to prevent disease. Other initiatives include research concerning exposure assessment methods for pesticides, and development of international education programs for the occupational hygiene profession primarily in the former Soviet Union countries (Chair AIHA International Affairs Committee 2004/2005).

Dr. Reynolds is also Director of the CDC/NIOSH-funded High Plains Intermountain Center for Agricultural Health and Safety, and in that role is involved in rural and agricultural health research, education, outreach, and policy on a regional and national level.

Selected Publications

 • Maggie L Clark, Jennifer L Peel, James B Burch, Stuart Conway, Annette M Bachand, and Stephen J Reynolds. Indoor air pollution, cookstove quality, and housing characteristics in two Honduran communities. Submitted to Env Research - In Press

 • Poole JA, Dooley GP, Saito R, Burrell AM, Bailey KL, Romberger DJ, Mehaffy J,Reynolds SJ. Muramic Acid, Endotoxin/3-OHFA, and Ergosterol Explain Monocyte and Epithelial Cell Inflammatory Responses to Agricultural Dusts. J Tox Env Health In Press

 • Plummer LE, Pinkerton KE, Reynolds SJ, Meschke S, Mitloehner F, Bennett D, Schenker M. Aerosols in the Agricultural Setting. JAgromedicine 14(4) 413-416, 2009.

 • Saito R, Cranmer BK, Tessari JD, Larsson L, Reynolds SJ. Recombinant Factor C (rFC) assay and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) analysis of endotoxins in four agricultural dusts. Ann. Occup. Hyg., AOH 53(7)713-722, 2009 (doi:10.1093/annhyg/mep052)

 • Burch JB, Svendsen E, Siegel PD, Wagner SE, Von Essen S, Keefe T, Mehaffy J, Serrano Martinez A, Bradford M, Baker L, Cranmer B, Saito R, Tessari J, Prinz L, Andersen C, Christensen O , Koehncke N, Reynolds SJ. Endotoxin Exposure and Inflammation Markers among Agricultural Workers in Colorado and Nebraska. J Tox Env Health in press

 • Reynolds SJ, Nakatsu J, Tillery M, Keefe T, Mehaffy J, Thorne PS, Donham KJ, Nonneman M, Golla V, O’Shaughnessy P. Field and Wind Tunnel Comparison of Four Aerosol Samplers using Agricultural Dusts. Ann Occ Hyg. doi:10.1093/annhyg/mep021, pp. 1 – 10, 2009

 • Clark, Maggie L., Peel, Jennifer L., Burch, James B., Nelson, Tracy L., Robinson, Matthew M., Conway, Stuart,Bachand, Annette M. and Reynolds, Stephen J.(2009) Impact of improved cookstoves on indoor air pollution and adverse health effects among Honduran women, International Journal of Environmental Health Research,19:5,357–368

 • Kirychuk SP, Reynolds SJ, Koehncke NK, Nakatsu J, Mehaffy J Comparison of Particle Bounce and Endotoxin Assay in Marple Cascade Samplers With and Without Impaction Grease. J Agromedicine 14(2):242-9.

 • Douphrate, D., Rosecrance, J., Reynolds, S., Stallones, L., Gilkey, D. (2009). Tractor-related injuries: an analysis of workers’ compensation data. Journal of Agromedicine. 14:1-8.

 • Douphrate, D., Rosecrance, J., Stallones, L., Reynolds, S., Gilkey, D. (2009). Livestock-handling injuries in agriculture: an analysis of Colorado workers’ compensation data. American Journal of Industrial Medicine.52:391-407.

 • Thomas K, Dosemeci M, Hoppin J, Sheldon L, Croghan C, Gordon S, Jones M, Reynolds S, Raymer J, Akland G, Lynch C, Knott C, Sandler D, Blair A, Alavanja M. Urinary Biomarker, Dermal, and Air Measurement Results for 2,4-D and Chlorpyrifos Farm Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study. J Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. In press 2009

 • Lee JA, Reynolds SJ, Thorne PS, O'Shaughnessy PT. Monitoring Risks in Association with Exposure Levels Among Waste Water Treatment Plant Workers. J Occup Environ Hygiene 3:36-43, 2007.

 • Patrick T. O'Shaughnessy, Julie Lo, Vijay Golla, Jason Nakatsu, Marvin I. Tillery, Stephen Reynolds. Comparison of Aerosol Samplers Relative to the Inhalable and Respirable Collection Criteria. JOEH 4:237-245, 2007.

 • Curwin BD, Hein MJ, Sanderson WT, Striley C, Heederick D, Reynolds SJ, Ward EM, Alavanja MC.
Pesticide dose estimates for children of Iowa farmers. Environmental Research 105:307-315, 2007.

 • Reynolds SJ, Tatevosyan A, Fuortes L, Merchant JA, Stromquist AM, Burmeister LF, Taylor C, Kelly KM. Keokuk County Rural Health Study: Self-reported Use of Agricultural Chemicals and Protective Equipment.
J Agromedicine 12(3), 2007.

 • Tadevosyan A, Reynolds SJ, Kelly KM, Fuortes L, Mairapetyan A, Tadevosyan N, Petrosyan M, Beglaryan S., Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Breast Milk in Armenia. J Clinical and PreClinical Medicine 1(1):84-88, 2007.

 • Curwin1 BD, Hein1 MJ, Sanderson2 WT, Striley3 C, Heederick4 D, Reynolds5 SJ, Ward6 EM, Alavanja7 MC. 2006. Urinary pesticide concentrations among children, mothers, and fathers living in farm and non-farm households in Iowa. Annals Occup Hygiene pp.1-13, Sept. 19, 2006.

 • Kirychuk SP, Dosman JA, Reynolds SJ, Willson P, Senthilselvan A, Feddes JJR, Classen H, Guenter W. Total dust and endotoxin in poultry operations: comparison between cage and floor rearing and respiratory effects of workers. JOEM. 741-8, 2006.

 • Roman-Muniz IN, Van Metre DC, Garry FB, Reynolds SJ, Wailes WR, Keefe TJ. Training Methods and Association with Worker Injury on Colorado Dairies: A Survey. JASH 11(2) 2006.

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