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John R Nuckols

John R. Nuckols
Director of Environmental Health Advanced Systems Laboratory

Phone: (970) 491-7295
Fax: (970) 491-2940
Office: 124 A Environmental Health Building



Research Interests

Dr. Nuckols' primary interest is in exposure assessment in population-based environmental health studies. Environmental Health is a broad scientific field. Disciplines involved in training and research in environmental health include epidemiology, biology, engineering, earth sciences, toxicology, and the health sciences. Although each of these disciplines has a very unique niche in the scientific community, in terms of environmental health studies, they tend to share one thing in common--they each require some means of differentiating exposure in the subject population. Dr. Nuckols is director of a research laboratory in the department established to investigate the potential application of advanced technology, such as computer simulation modeling and spatial information systems in exposure assessment for environmental health studies.

Selected Publications

  • Arbuckle T.E., Hrudey S.E., Krasner S.W., Nuckols, J.R., Richardson S.D., Singer P., et al. Assessing exposure in epidemiologic studies to disinfection byproducts in drinking water. Environmental Health Perspectives 110 (S1), 53-60. 2002.
  • Miles A.M., Singer P.C., Ashley D.L., Lynberg M.C., Mendola P., Langlois P.M., Nuckols, J.R.. Comparison of Trihalomethanes in Tap Water and Blood. Env Sci Tech, 36, 8, 1692-98. 2002.
  • Colt J.S., Baris D., Clark S.F., Karagas M., Ayotte J.D., Ward M.H., Nuckols, J.R., Cantor K.P., Silverman D.T. Sampling private wells in past homes to estimate lifetime arsenic exposure: A methodologic study in New England. J Environ Expos Anal and Epidemio 12, 329-334. 2002.
  • Rossman L.A., Brown R.A., Singer P.C., Nuckols, J.R.. DBP formation kinetics in a simulated water distribution system. Water Res. 39 (14) 3483-3489. 2001.>
  • Lynberg M.L., Nuckols, J.R., Langlois P., Ashley D., Singer P., Mendola P., Wilkes C., et al. Assessing exposure to disinfection byproducts in women of reproductive age living in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Cobb County, Georgia: Descriptive results and methods. Environmental Health Perspectives 109 (6). 2001.
  • Nuckols, J.R., Rossman L.A., Singer P.C., Speight V., Krapfl H., Miles A., Small L.; Development Of Methods for Predicting Trihalomethane And Haloacetic Acid Concentrations in Exposure Assessment Studies.American Water Works Research Foundation. Final Report - Project 341. AWWA. Denver CO. 150 pgs. 2001.
  • Raynal J.A., Nuckols, J.R., Reyes R., Ward M. [editors]. Environmental Engineering and Health Sciences. Water Resources Publications. ISBN 1-887201-17-3. 473 pgs. 2000.
  • Speight V.L., Nuckols, J.R., Rossman L., Miles A., Singer P.; DBP Exposure Assessment using Distribution System Modeling. Proceedings: Water Quality Technology Conference. Salt Lake City, Utah. November 2000. American Water Works Assn. Denver, Colorado. 2000.
  • Nuckols, J.R., Ward M.H., Weigel S.J.; Exposure assessment in environmental epidemiology: Application of GIS technology. In Proceedings: 3rd National Conference on GIS and Public Health. San Diego California, August, 1998. Eastern Research Group. Lexington, MA. 2000.
  • Ward M.H., Nuckols, J.R., Weigel S.J., Maxwell S.K., Cantor K.P., Miller R.S.; Identifying populations potentially exposed to agricultural pesticides using remote sensing and a geographic information system. Environmental Health Perspectives 108(1): 5-12. 2000.
  • Xiang H., Nuckols, J.R., Stallones L.; A geographic information assessment of birth weight and crop production patterns around mother's residence. Env. Research 82: 160-167 . 2000.
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