SRS and Bone Tumors
Osteosarcomas:  Osteosarcomas are often amenable to SRS.  SRS can deliver an intense dose to the tumor while at the same time deliver a dose appropriate to the soft tissue extension of the disease.  From a biological standpoint, treatment in large doses/fraction makes sense for osteosarcoma, because there is data to suggest that these tumors have a higher alpha/beta ratio than other tumor types.  SRS has been used in veterinary medicine as a non-surgical approach to limb sparing.  In addition, SRS is indicated for axial tumors as well.  The Trilogy also has the capability of doing stereotactic intensity modulated radiosurgery (SIMRS).  This means that the beam can be sculpted using the sliding collimator leaves.  Vertebral tumors can be treated while sparing the spinal cord. 

Beam's eye view (BEV) of one field

Dose to tumor
Dose to tumor
BEVs of all fields
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