Electrons (4-18 MeV)

Electron Beam Radiation Therapy

Electrons therapy is a form of external beam radiation therapy where electrons are directed at the tumor.   Electrons dont penetrate as well as x-rays, which are normally used for external beam radiation therapy.  That makes them well suited for treating tumors close to the skin surface.   They are particularly useful for treatment skin tumors over the abdomen, so that excess radiation dose not reach the intestinal track, and for tumors over the thorax, so that the dose of radiation to the lungs can be limited.  Electrons are also useful for tumors near the eye.  A special ceramic covered tungsten contact lens block can be placed over the eye to greatly diminish dose, while the prescribe dose can be delivered to the area surrounding the eye.

Electron Therapy
This dog has a tumor over the chest wall. He is being treated with electrons to minimize the radiation dose to underlying normal tissue structures.

Electron Therapy
This cat has undergone Electron Therapy. Note the hair color change on her right side.
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