Dr. Susan LaRue and Dr. Fred Harmon welcome the new Trilogy. August 2007

  A new era in diagnostic imaging has begun at the James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital with the delivery in September of the Varian Trilogy System, an advanced linear accelerator that will enhance delivery of radiation therapy as well as reduce adverse side effects in patients thanks to increased accuracy in focusing the beam on the tumor and sparing normal tissue. It also offers the opportunity for cancer treatment specialists at the Animal Cancer Center to do something they have never done before radiosurgery including treatment of osteosarcomas and brain tumors.
This 18 ton machine is precision tooled like a fine watch. August 2007.


  The Trilogy is equipped with an on-board imager which enables clinicians to track the motion of tumors while the patient is lying on the treatment platform and deliver radiation at higher doses with unparalleled accuracy. The system has a RPM Respiratory Gating system which will enable medical staff to deliver treatments more precisely by tracking and adjusting for tumor movements caused by breathing. Treatment is further fine-tuned through the use of a multi-leaf collimator that can shape the beam during treatment in response to changes in tumor dimensions from one point to another. Another feature is the Acuity X-ray system with conebeam CT capability for generating 3D images of tumors and surrounding healthy anatomy that sync up to the treatment planner. The CT capability also allows for accurate positioning of the patient to ensure that the tumor is positioned properly during treatment.
The Trilogy undergoing acceptance testing. October 2007.


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