VTH Neurology

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Lisa Bartner

Post Doctoral

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Office: 970-297-4421

Email: lisa.bartner@colostate.edu

Janice Bolyard

State Classified Hourly

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Email: janice.bolyard@colostate.edu

Aslynn Jones

Veterinary Student

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Email: aslynn.jones@colostate.edu

Stephanie McGrath


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Email: stephanie.mcgrath@colostate.edu


Dr. McGrath is interested in treating seizure disorders and inflammatory brain diseases, as well as a variety of spinal cord disorders. Dr. McGrath is currently doing research in the electrophysiologic study of radiation-induced nerve damage in dogs and is anticipating involvement in a minimally invasive tumor biospy and histopathology study in the near future.

Sarita Miles


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Email: sarita.miles@colostate.edu

Rebecca Packer

Associate Professor

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Office: 970-297-4543

Email: rebecca.packer@colostate.edu


Dr. Packer’s clinical interests include neurosurgery, movement disorders, intracranial diseases and neoplastic conditions of the nervous system. Her comparative research focuses primarily on minimally-invasive neurosurgical techniques and novel drug therapies for the treatment of brain tumors. The goal of these efforts is to develop treatments that will benefit veterinary patients, and also provide potential translation to human patients. Her primary research goal is to develop more effective brain tumor treatments, while minimizing surgical invasiveness and chemotherapeutic side effects.

Sheila Pelkey

Veterinary Anesthesia Technician

Contact Information

Office: 970-297-4021

Email: sheila.pelkey@colostate.edu