VDL Avian Diagnostics

The People Serving You

Jenna Oxenhandler

Avian Program Specialist; State Inspector, National Poultry Improvement Plan

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Email: jenna.oxenhandler@colostate.edu

Kristy Pabilonia

Interim Director, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories

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Office: 970-297-4109

Email: kristy.pabilonia@colostate.edu


I serve as the Section Head of three sections in the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory - Avian Diagnostics, BSL3 Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Diseases and Sample Receiving. I also serve as the Coordinator of the Colorado Avian Disease Surveillance Program and the Colorado Poultry Health Board. I work closely with a number of state and federal agencies on avian, foreign animal and zoonotic disease issues. My research interests include avian influenza virus, backyard poultry populations, Salmonella and a number of zoonotic diseases.

Heather Reider

Avian Health Coordinator

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Email: heather.reider@colostate.edu

Christina Weller

Administrative Professional

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Office: 970-297-5026

Fax: 970-297-5232

Office 2: 970-297-4128

Email: christina.weller@colostate.edu