Canine Emergency Drugs

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Concentration Dosage Units
Body Weight   KG   Pounds
Defibrillation     Joules
Epinephrine 1:1000 mls
Atropine   0.5 mg/ml * mls
Bretylium   50 mg/ml mls
Magnesium chloride   200 mg/ml mls
Naloxone   0.4 mg/ml * mls
Lidocaine   20 mg/ml mls
Calcium chloride   10% solution   mls
Valium   5 mg/ml mls
Glucose   500 mg/ml   mls
Shock volume of fluids   90 ml/kg/hour   mls/hour
Maintenance volume of fluids   (30 X Kg) + 70   mls/hour  
* = Intratracheal dosage = 3 X higher

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