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The emergency drug calculator is meant to provide help in the management of severe veterinary emergencies through providing the dosage of emergency drugs for dogs and cats. After the calculation has been made, print the results and cut out the printed form. Place this form on the front of each patient's chart for ready access in the event of an emergency.



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Key Features

        The electrical defibrillation dosage is now 4 joules/kg for closed chest defibrillation.

Diazepam is the drug of choice in treating seizures in the dog and cat. The dosage must be adjusted in each species.

Hypoglycemia is a common problem in neonates, sepsis, insulinoma, etc. Administration of dextrose is required for treatment.

The dog and cat are often presented in shock. Intravenous crystalloid fluids are usually used in the initial resuscitation. The Emergency Drug Calculator provides the volume of fluid (ml/hour) you should be prepared to administer to treat shock.

The anorectic, ill dog or cat often requires intravenous fluids. Basal maintenance volumes are calculated for both species. If you require diuresis, this volume should be multiplied by either 2 or 3 times.

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