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Service, Committment, Dedication

Members of the Veterinary Medical Assistance Team #4 come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds with one common goal --- to support the veterinary community and animal welfare interests in times of regional and national disasters.  From veterinarians to nurses to attorneys and contractors, members join in the common and rewarding goal of helping when help is needed most.
General Information


Volunteer Veterinary Professionals Protecting Public Health in Time of Disaster

Veterinary Medical Assistance Team #4 (VMAT 4) is one of four teams of volunteer professionals sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association/American Veterinary Medical Foundation to assist with animal issues in the event of natural or man-made disasters.  The National Disaster Medical Systems/Office of Emergency Preparedness directs the deployment of VMAT members to federally declared disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, earthquakes, plane crashes, and bombings.  VMATSs were formed in 1993 through an agreement between the AVMA and the U.S. Public Health Service.  Since its inception in 1994, VMAT has served a variety of animal needs in Hurricane Marilynn in St. Thomas in 1995, Hurricane Floyd in North Carolina in 1999, and the Alaska Airline crash off the coast of Southern California in 2000.  In addition to responding to disasters, the VMAT team members are a vital part of the nation's preparedness in responding to incidents such as attacks by weapons of mass destruction, including biological and chemical warfare.  Veterinary support is vital to assuring the safety of the nation's food and water supplies, as well as protecting the public against zoonotic disease and the agricultural industry against the threat of foreign animal disease.

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Interdisciplinary Team

VMAT 4 members include veterinarians, veterinary assistants and technicians, and other support professionals, including attorneys, contractors, and nurses.  The broad base of professional experience is designed to provide maximum effectiveness in the field.   Members of the team have both civilian and military experience and have traveled extensively, with the ability to sustain the team in field conditions.  The team has openings for additional personnel with modivation to serve with our team during disasters.

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Training and Experience

VMAT 4 members participate in extensive training exercises to assure preparedness in responding to a disaster.  Included in the training regime are classroom lectures and seminars at national conventions and on-line training by the Federal Management Agency.  Subjects covered include HAZMAT, chemical and biological warfare response, and training in establishing field operations and housing.

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Satisfaction of Service

When all is said and done, the true satisfaction of membership in VMAT 4 comes from helping people in need.  Team members' hard work during adverse conditions of a disaster are grueling but the payoff comes from knowing that these efforts comfort those in need.  Whether reuniting a pet with its owner or helping a farmer recover from losing animals from a herd, VMAT 4 members know that their efforts contribute to sustaining the spirit of those who suffer the most during a disaster.

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More Information

Veterinary Medical Assistance Team 4
2109 Tapo Street, Suite #3
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Phone:  (805) 581 - 9111
FAX:  (805) 581 - 9769

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