VMAT Personal Equipment List

 The VMAT 4 has devised the following list so that all deployed team members are self-sufficient and able to care for themselves.  We want to be self sufficient and not be a burden on an already burdened disaster area.  The basic rule is 2-3-4.  This means that each team member should deploy with two bags, 3 days of food supply, and 4 quarts of water.  The following list also includes not only minimally required items, but others to help each member travel and live more comfortably during the deployment.

 The two fabric bags to be utilized are a large one for carrying our VMAT backpacks, and another one for all personal gear.  Uniforms and personal equipment must be marked for identification, using waterproof indelible ink of appropriate contrasting color or sewn in tags.

 Clothing should be chosen according to weather and temperature as well as for protection from the work environment and should include at least two VMAT T-shirts, two VMAT polo shirts, two VMAT long sleeve blouses, and two pairs of pants. 

 Please keep your equipment packs within the required weights, 20 kg for summer and 30 kg for winter.

 Print this page and use it as a check off in preparation for deployment 


VMAT Personal Equipment List

____long trousers (2 pair)
____long sleeved shirts  (2)
____short sleeved shirts (optional)
____work boots, black, military style
____black comfortable shoes
____underwear (3 pair)
____socks  (3 pair)
____rain gear
____Wellington rubber boots
Cold weather:
____long underwear
____turtleneck, blue
____gloves  (ski and regular)
____fleece pullover or wool sweater, blue

____sleeping bag (+15 degrees)
____inflatable pad
____plastic ground cloth
____ear plugs, eye covers
____inflatable pillow

____mess kit (plate, cup, and bowl)
____knife, spoon, and fork kit
____48-hour rations
____water purification tablets or filter bottle
____2 quart canteen (2)
____high nutrition bars
____4 quarts of water

____personalized dogtags
____shaving cream
____toilet paper
____hand lotion
____insect repellent
____foot care (powder, moleskin)
____bar soap/container
____personal hygiene
____lip balm
____detergent (for clothes)
____medications (vitamins, Rx, including air sickness patches, etc.)
____all purpose tool/all purpose knife
____flashlights (3)/batteries
____headlamp/extra bulb/batteries
____waterproof matches, no butane
____hard hat
____face mask/dust mask
____tape, safety pins, sewing kit
____leather work gloves
____extra glasses/contacts
____book/reading materials
____money/travelerís checks
____hearing protection


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