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Minutes of the 15th Annual Business Meeting held Sunday, July 11, 1999 at 10 AM at the Doubletree Hotel, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The meeting was called to order by President John Anderson, DVM. A quorum was present. Six members also attended via the computer chat room. However, these members were not counted as in attendance due to technical difficulties in communicating from the meeting site to the chatroom.

Reading and approval of minutes of the 14th Annual Meeting.
The Minutes from the 1998 Business Meeting were read. Motion and second for approval was made, and the motion passed.

The Treasurer Reported:
As of 6/17/1999 the Academy had $3873.81 in a checking account. We have no reserves and no savings.  At this time we have 96 members. Thirty-two (32) 1998 members did not renew. Twenty-three (23) new members joined. Thirty-one are Associate Fellows (do not have a degree in veterinary medicine).  During the past Fiscal Year (May 1, 1998 - April 30, 1999) the Academy generated $2249.11 in income, $2105 from dues and $144.11 in interest. During the same period we incurred $9006.74 in expenses. Of this, $47.67 were bank charges, $630.41 were newsletter expenses, $6431.50 was disbursement to the Moore County Equine Emergency Rescue Unit of monies collected to fund the purchase of a mobile equine hospital, $1732.16 in miscellaneous expenses, which included corporate management fees to CT Corporation, Office Expenses (mailing, postage, and the purchase of 2 MS Office Suites for the Secretary/Treasurer and the Newsletter Editor), and $165.00 in website expenses.

Current Committee Assignments
Nominating: Dr. Joanne Howl, Dr. Jack Casper
Continuing Education: Dr. John Anderson, Dr. Lorna Lanham
Academy Logo: Dr. Margaret McTighe

Old Business:
Affiliation with the VECCS
We continue to have a good relationship with the VECCS. We are printing the content of their journal in our newsletter, and they are doing likewise. In the past, we have held a business meeting in alternate years at the VECCS Convention, but attendance at our meeting has been poor compared to the meetings that are held in conjunction with AVMA. There was a motion, and a second to schedule the annual business meeting with the AVMA each year. The motion was passed by majority vote.

Emergency Contacts Directory:  Dr. John Anderson has published the Emergency Contacts Directory. All members of the AAVDM have received a copy when they renewed their dues in 1999. Additional copies can be purchased for $10.00 from the VECCS.

Disaster Medicine Database:  Dr. Anderson reported that he has had computer problems, which has made finalization of this database impossible as of this date. The work is still in progress, and will be completed as the problems can be solved.

Continuing Education Forums:  Traditionally the AAVDM has provided one CE meeting each year, held in conjunction with the business meeting, and rotated between the VECCS and the AVMA annual meeting. There was discussion on the floor regarding expanding the meetings to other forums. The costs would be minimal if the same lectures were circulated between several meetings each year. There is the possibility of funding from some of the other sponsors (such as AVMA) and also possibilities of cost defrayment from governmental emergency management operations such as FEMA and the Army. There was a motion and a second to hold a CE meeting at the AVMA, North Atlantic Conference, Wild West and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS) each calendar year. The motion passed my majority vote.
The vice president and the immediate past president were appointed to work on the CE committee.

Comments from the President:  Dr. John Anderson spoke of the accomplishments of his term in office, and looked to the future tasks for the AAVDM.

Nomination Committee Report/ Election of Officers:  The following slate of officers was presented: 

President: Dr. Jack Casper
Vice President: Dr. Lorna Lanham
Secretary- Treasurer: Dr. Joanne Howl
Directors: Dr. Jim Hamilton and Cecily Westerman

There was a motion, a second and a vote to accept the slate as presented. All nominees were then elected by majority vote.

Comments from the President Elect:  Dr. Casper was attending via the electronic chat room on the web, and was unable to make a comment due to technical difficulties. Dr. Lanham, Vice President, spoke briefly and expressed her willingness to serve the AAVDM to the best of her abilities in the upcoming year.

New Business: 

Goals:   Our Secretary-Treasurer desires to have a brief mission statement, something that sounds attractive when used in a thirty second (or less) sound byte. There was debate, but no motion was brought to the floor. The mission and goals of the AAVDM stand as stated in The Articles of Incorporation, Article III, Section 3.1 Purposes.

We did define a slogan: Awareness, Communication, Education (ACE). This slogan was moved, seconded and passed by majority vote.

Job descriptions or directors and officers:  A reading of the By Laws clarified these jobs. No further action was necessary.

Fund Raising:  Various issues were discussed, but briefly. Fund raising, at this time, is not our prime objective. No further action was taken.

Administrative concerns:  The Secretary/Treasurer had administrative questions regarding payment of dues and terms of officers and directors. These items were clarified. All officers and directors continue to pay dues while in office. The term of an officer is for one year. Each officer is entitled to serve up to 3 consecutive terms, then must step aside until at least the next election. Each director serves a term of 3 years.

Membership:  Dr. Howl reported an increase in our non-veterinarian members. The members present - all veterinarians or veterinary students - preferred to have a veterinary only membership. This is a constitutional issue, as our by-laws offer five type of membership: Fellow, Associate Fellow Student, Honorary Fellow, and Associate Organization. Only the Fellow must be a veterinarian. The Fellow and Associate Fellow both have one vote, the other classes of membership carry no voting rights. It was moved, seconded and passed that we study this issue further, with a careful reading of the by laws. If a change is required, we will have to bring the issue forth at our next annual meeting.

Academy Website:  Our current website is pretty well non-functional and non-current. Drs. Wayne Wingfield and Dr. Joanne Howl volunteered to work on the website. Dr. Howl passed on the information that a non-member, Mr. Ed Walters, was also willing to work on the website for us. It was moved, seconded and passed that this work go forward.

Reworking the Academy Logo:  The old logo reproduces poorly, and some were uncertain if it clearly defines our mission. We moved, seconded and passed a motion to rework and modernize the logo. Dr. Margaret McTighe offered to spearhead the effort.  While we were discussing the logo, the subject of the scope of the interests of the Academy came up. Some members thought we should have a broad scope, with as much emphasis on international issues as national. Others were more conservative and preferred to emphasize national issues. The discussion was tabled temporarily, with an informal resolution that it be placed on the agenda for the next business meeting.

Creating a Standardized Disaster Handout:  We discussed creating a handout for the public and media. There are several such handouts already in existence, and more in the works from various organizations. We did not feel it was particularly helpful to recreate a handout with the AAVDM logo and name. It was moved, seconded and passed that the subject be tabled for now.

Possibility of voting by proxy:  Section 2.9 of our By Laws permit voting by proxy. However, there are no precise guidelines on how the proxy authority is to be used. Members present expressed concern that if proxy was used that one person's opinion might register many times. In other words, if a minority voter had ten proxy votes in his control, he could override all the other votes present. Members present, by common assent, agreed that we retain proxy rights, but not encourage the use. Instead, we feel that having the annual business meeting in conjunction with a well attended meeting, such as AVMA, will bring a quorum to the floor, which allows for informed decision making.

Call For New Items:

Certificates for Foreign Graduates:  The Animals in Disasters course is available throughout the world via the Internet or by direct shipment from FEMA. However, certificates of completion are only available to US Citizens. It was proposed that the AAVDM offer grading/certification for foreign nationals. We would give a certificate for a small fee. The members present thought more research into the subject was required. They especially wanted confirmation from FEMA that this service was desired. It was moved, seconded and passed to look into this further.

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Minutes of the 14th annual meeting of the American Academy on Veterinary Disaster Medicine, held at 7:00 p.m., September 24, 1998, Conference Room 9, River Center Marriott, San Antonio, TX

The meeting was called to order by President Dr. John Anderson. The minutes were voted on by mail ballot.

Reading and approval of minutes of the 13th annual meeting: The motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes of the 13th annual meeting with one correction. This correction was that Dr. Heath had submitted the proposal to establish a "Newsletter subscriber" membership, he had not motioned it. (Vote Item #1)

Secretary/Treasurer’s report: The Academy currently has 96 fellows, 4 honorary and 3 corporate members, totaling 103 members. On August 31, 1998, the Academy had $4,299.69 in its account.  The motion was made and seconded to accept the Secretary/Treasurer’s report. (Vote Item #2).

Old business

Web site. Dr. Heath reported that there had been a lot of time consuming problems with the account for the current web site. It was suggested that the Academy host its own site in future. Drs. Anderson and Heath had discussed relocation of the current site with a consultant who was also willing to help set a new site up and how to manage it. The potential for sponsorship of the site was discussed. It was decided not to take any action on sponsorship at this point.

Animals in Disasters, FEMA, Independent Study Courses. These are now complete and available free of charge from the Emergency Management Institute. For details see the newsletter.

Review of affiliation with the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS). Dr. Anderson reported that VECCS had agreed to include information on disasters in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care (JVECC), and was looking to the Academy for advice on what to include. It was suggested that the Academy would forward a copy of the Table of Contents from its newsletter to the JVECC, plus provide regular continuing education materials. The Continuing Education materials would come from the FEMA Independent Study courses.

The Academy Newsletter will also publish the Table of Contents from JVECC in each to its newsletters.

The VECCS had also voted to invite the Academy to provide some photos and Academy membership information to be included in their exhibit. The VECCS exhibit travels to most national and regional veterinary conferences in the US every year.

The VECCS also asked if the Academy could coordinate a continuing education forum at their annual conferences.

Dr. Anderson, on behalf of the Academy had accepted to follow through on each of these efforts.

Academy Newsletter

Feedback from the membership indicated that the Newsletter was being well received and should continue. Cecily Westerman has been doing an ever increasingly excellent job as editor, and many thanks go to her for keeping the Newsletter going. Ideas for articles and articles are always welcome.

Comments from the President

This has been another busy year. Most of the activities of the Academy are discussed in these minutes.

The Disaster Medicine Database has grown to over 300 entries. These are comprised of all Academy members, all Board certified Critical Care veterinarians, and some others. This effort had recruited many new members of the Academy. Dr. Anderson will soon be writing to others in the data base who are not Academy members encouraging them to join.

Nominations for new officers

The motion was made and seconded to accept the slate of nominations. Again these are:

Directors (1999-2001): Drs. Gary Stamp, and Wayne Wingfield
President: Dr. John Anderson (1999, last eligible year)
Vice president: Dr. Maggie McTighe (1999, last eligible year)
Secretary/Treasurer: Dr. Joanne Howl (1999, First of three eligible years).

(Vote Item #3)

New Business

The motion was made and seconded that Drs. Mierzejewski, Brugere-Picout, and Shomer be awarded honorary membership. (Vote Item # 4)

The motion was made and seconded that all honorary members of the Academy receive a plaque or certificate recognizing their status. (Vote Item # 5)

The motion was made and seconded to accept the Florida Division of Animal Industry as a corporate member. (Vote Item # 6)

The motion was made and seconded for the Academy to purchase 125 copies of Dr. Andersons’ "Emergency Response Contacts Directory", and to distribute these to its membership for free. In future years the Academy will seek to obtain copies of this guide at a discount rate for its members. (Vote Item # 7)

The motion was made and seconded that the Academy should continue to financially support continuing education forum at the AVMA and VECCS conferences. Collaboration with these organizations would be such that speakers would be paid an honorarium by the Academy at a similar rate to other national organizations. The conditions would be for the conference organizers pay at least for the speakers’ travel and lodging expenses, and the going rate for speakers at the conference. This is likely to promote the prestige of speakers’ programs in veterinary disaster management. (Vote Item #8).

The motion was made and seconded that the next annual business meeting be held in conjunction with the AVMA Convention in New Orleans in 1999. (Vote Item #9)

Future Continuing Education meetings of the Academy are planned for the AVMA Convention in 1999, in New Orleans, and the VECCS Convention in 2000 in Orlando.

The motion was made and seconded for the Academy to purchase it own copy of the appropriate software to manage the membership and disaster responder data bases, the web site, newsletter, accounts, word processing and demonstration materials. The software will be held by the Secretary/Treasurer. (Vote Item #10)

The motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. (Vote Item #11).

All motions passed; the ballot results were as follows:

Vote Item Number




1 Last year minutes


2 Sec/Treas. Report


3 Slate of officers


4 Honorary members


5 Plaque for honorary members


6 FL. Div An. Indust. As Corp. Member


7 Emergency Response Contact Directory



8 Pay speakers




9 Next annual meeting


10 Purchase software



11 Adjourn



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13th ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES, in conjunction with the AVMA convention in Reno, NV, July 22, 1997

The meeting was called to order by President John Anderson. A quorum was established.

Reading and approval of last annual meeting. Motioned (Vogel), Seconded (Marshall), approved. (These were published in the AAVDM newsletter 1(1). November 28, 1996.)

Reading and approval of treasurers report: Motioned (Vogel), seconded (Huxsoll), approved. (Copies of the report are available from Dr. Heath upon request).

Old business.

Guidelines for disbursement o non-designated charitable donations. The revised guidelines were approved. Motioned (Vogel), second (Marshal), approved.

The guidelines will be published in the next newsletter.

Comments from the president:  (none available)

Nomination Committee report

The following nominations were motioned (Harris), seconded (Marshall) and approved:

President: John Anderson
Vice President: Maggie McTighe
Secretary/Treasurer: Sebastian Heath
Board members: John Anderson,  Julia Allen

Education committee report

The education has been busy in developing the FEMA course "Animals in Disasters". In May the Academy helped coordinate a meeting of 22 people representing the AVMA, US Public Health Services, Dept. of Defense, local emergency management agencies (City of Torrance, CA, Fayette County , IN), national humane groups (American Humane Association, Humane Society of the United States, United Animals Nations), practicing veterinarians and specialty animal disaster series. At this Focus Group meeting a working draft was developed and agreed upon form which the federal course will b developed. With funding from FEMA this course should be available as an independent study course in the Spring of 1998. Submitted by Sebastian Heath

New business

Suggestions for an affiliation between the ACADEMY and the Veterinary Emergency and Critical care Society (VECCS). Motioned (McIntyre), second (Marshall), approved.

Background: Veterinary disaster medicine is the pre hospital component of veterinary critical care. Disaster medicine, therefore represents one end of a broad spectrum on veterinary critical care.

Both the AAVDM and VECCS have a desire to promote professional and public awareness of the full range of veterinary critical care. Here are some ideas on how this could be achieved:

Representation: Both organizations should have representation of each organization on each of their board of directors.

Exchange of information: The role of the AAVDM should be to organize a continuing education program at the biannual IVECCS conference.

Both organizations have either a newsletter or journal. Each organization should publish the table of contents and important news items in both publications. Further, both organizations should cooperate to recruit peer reviewed articles for publication.

Both organizations could promote each other by distributing information on each other’s organization whenever one of the organizations attends or exhibits at a professional conference.

Proposal to establish a Newsletter subscriber membership

The "subscriber" membership would allow libraries and other organizations to subscribe to the AAVDM Newsletter, but would not provide the subscriber member with voting rights. A suggested cost of the membership should be the same as regular membership (currently $25.00). Motioned (Heath), seconded (Vogel), approved.

Proposal to define the benefits and cost of Associate Organization membership:  Associate Organizations membership will cost $5.00 above regular membership cost (currently $25.00), and that the associate organization receive 10 copies of each newsletter mailed to a single address. Motioned (Heath), seconded (Marshall), approved.

Proposal to accept HSUS as an Associate Organization:  A proposal was made by Steve Dickstein, when he was still employed by HSUS. Motion (Dickstein), not seconded. Note: Steve no longer works for HSUS, therefore, it was not considered appropriate to accept this proposal.

Proposal to accept Drs. Leo Bustad and Ole Nielsen as honorary members. Motioned (Heath), seconded (Vogel), approved.

Proposal to develop a web site for the AAVDM. Motion (Heath), seconded (Marshall), approved. A committee was established to pursue this further. Committee members are Dr. Allen (chair), Dr. Vogel (link to AVMA home page), Dr. Marshall (link to VIN). Budget $150.00 to establish and $30.00 per month to maintain.

Future business meetings: Future business meetings will be held alternatively at the AVMA (odd years) and IVECCS (even years). Motioned (Huxsoll), seconded (Vogel), approved. The next business meeting of the ACADEMY is tentatively scheduled on Saturday, September 26, 1998 at the Marriot River Center, San Antonio, TX.

Future continuing education forums: Future continuing education forums will be held at the AVMA (odd years) and IVECCS (even years). The ACADEMY will also support continuing education meetings at other times. Motioned (Huxsoll), seconded (Vogel), approved. Our next continuing education forum will be held in conjunction with the IVECCS conference September 24-27, 1998 in San Antonio, TX. The forum will be 3 hours of lectures and a 2 hour work shop.

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