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The American Academy on Veterinary Disaster Medicine (AAVDM) is one of the oldest organizations dedicated to the care of animals in disasters, and has great flexibility as leaders in this field. The Academy was formed in 1984,  incorporated in 1994, and in 1995 became a registered charitable (501c3) organization.

The Academy has one of the most comprehensive commitment networks of leaders of the care of animals in disasters. The membership of the Academy consists of veterinarians, other concerned individuals and corporations interested in the prevention and amelioration of natural and man made disasters involving animals and the environment, which may occur at the local, state, national, or international level. 

Purpose and Goals:  To provide a forum for veterinary health professionals and other concerned persons for the presentation and dissemination of factual information on natural and man-made disasters that threaten the well being of animals and the environment.

To serve as a professional consulting service to citizens and official agencies that are concerned with the welfare of animals and their owners in disasters.

To consult with agencies, owners and care providers of animals before, during and after disasters by recognizing the importance of the Human-Animal Bond and other relevant public health issues.

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