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Charles W. Miller, PhD

Department of Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Phone: 970-491-7842
Fax: 970-491-7569

PhD, Colorado State University
MS, Colorado State University
BS, Purdue University

Picture of Dr. Miller

Teaching/Advising Activities

Our Biomedical Sciences undergraduate major has approximately 325 students. This exciting relatively new major is popular with students who are seeking to attend professional schools, graduate school or opportunities in biotechnology. I help direct the program with the expert help of our professional advisor, Kelly Swetich and our undergraduate Steering Committee.

Teaching: I am involved in team taught courses, BMS 360, BMS 460, BMS 492 and I teach and coordinate BMS 420.

Research Interests -- Cardiovascular Physiology

My earlier research interests focused on mechanisms involved in the development of experimentally produced atherosclerosis in miniature swine. Prior to that, I devoted considerable research time to directing the Physiology Section of the Collaborative Radiological Health Laboratory which had as a main purpose of ascertaining the effects if any of low doses of ionizing radiation on organ function, tumor development and lifespan in beagle dogs.

Other Activities

Associate Department Head for Educational Activities: Duties entail oversight of the undergraduate curriculum, development and evaluation of the undergraduate major in Biomedical Sciences, and serve on the Advisory Committee. I serve on the Executive Committee of Faculty Council, the Classroom Review Board for the University, and as a member of the Faculty Council at the College level. I serve as Secretary for the Faculty, am a member of the Scholarship and Awards Committee, and serve on the College Biomedical Curriculum Committee. In the Department, I chair the Undergraduate Steering Committee, serve as an ex officio member of the Curriculum Commmittee, and chair the Promotion and Tenure Committee for the Physiology Division.

Representative Publications

Norman JF, Miller CW. 1994. Prostacyclin, thromboxane A2, and atherosclerosis in young hypercholesterolemic swine. Prost Leuk Ess Fatty Acids 51:293-298.

Norman JF, Miller CW, Allen KGD. 1995. Thoracic aorta prostacyclin production is not altered during early atherosclerosis development in young swine. Nutr Biochem 6:163-169

Smith MJ, Allen KGD, Harris MA, Miller CW. 1995. Low-dose aspirin does not attenuate platelet aggregation or atherosclerosis in miniature swine but decreases production of aortic wall prostacyclin. Prost Leuk Ess Fatty Acids 53:331-340.

Mickleborough TD, Gotshall RW, Kluka EM, Miller CW, Cordain L. 2001. Dietary chloride as a possible determinant of the severity of exercise-induced asthma. Eur J Appl Physiol 84:450-456.

Miller CW. 2002. Applied Cardiovascular Physiology. In: The Veterinary ICU Book. Teton New Media, Jackson Hole, WY.