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Zeiss Axioplan 2 Upright Light/Fluorescence Microscope
with digital video capture


Axioplan upright light/fluorescence microscope

The Zeiss Axioplan 2 upright digital imaging microscope was purchased in 1999 by the MCIN program from funds made available by the VPR in reappointing it as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence. The instrument was added to the Microscope Imaging network in 2009 to make it more widely available to the campus. The instrument is the only upright fluorescence microscope for general access, all others being inverted models. The microscope has a 6-place turret currently outfitted with 5 objectives some of which can be used for phase or DIC imaging. Filter cubes are loaded for FITC/GFP, TRITC/Cy3 and dual channel fluorescence. The stage is motorized only in z and the new Axiovision Release 4.7 software can control the stage, filter sets, and AxioCam camera to provide Z-stack and multi-channel digital image capture capabilities.

Access/Sign-up Process

The microscope is located in room 216W A/Z. Potential users should contact Stuart Tobet, Shane Hentges or someone in the Tobet lab for training. There is a user log book for recording time on the microscope and all use time must be logged. No computer sign up for this instrument is currently available.


Hourly cost for use is $3.50 to cover bulb replacement and cleaning.

Major users can pay a single annual fee of $250 for "unlimited" access.

Billing will be done bi-monthly by electronic billing of pre-registered account numbers.

Costs to users external to CSU will be at $8 per hour. No fee-for-service is routinely provided on this instrument but might be arranged through qualified users at an agreed upon price.

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