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Research Programs: Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Collage of embryo picturesAssisted Reproductive Technologies have been studied by ARBL faculty for decades. Most of this work is done with cattle and horses, but sheep and smaller laboratory species also are used for some projects. Technologies used routinely or being studied include artificial insemination, transvaginal oocyte recovery, oocyte maturation, in vitro fertilization and culture of embryos, flow cytometry including sexing sperm, a number of micromanipulation procedures to oocytes and embryos such as cloning and sperm injection (ICSI), embryo transfer, and cryopreservation of sperm, oocytes, and embryos. Not only have ARBL faculty pioneered some of these procedures, they have an international reputation for making them more user-friendly while maintaining and even improving efficiency. Bovine artificial inseminationFaculty also use these tools for basic research, including regulation of gene expression in oocytes and embryos, and have trained literally thousands of people to apply these technologies. More than a dozen former ARBL graduate and postdoctoral students head human IVF clinics and many others work in the horse and cattle breeding industries. For information on current and recent projects, please see the pages for individual faculty below.

Faculty in this area:

gold bullet J.E. Bruemmer

gold bullet E.M. Carnevale

gold bullet R.A. Ferris

gold bullet J.K. Graham

gold bullet T.R. Hansen

gold bullet P.M. McCue

gold bullet G.E. Seidel

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