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M.D. Salman, DVM, MPVM, Ph.D, DACVPM, F.A.C.E.
Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology
Departments of Clinical Sciences and Environmentaland Radiological Health Sciences

Veterinary Epidemiology

Dr. Salman's research emphasis is in veterinary epidemiology with interests in analytical veterinary epidemiology, methodology for national and international animal disease surveillance systems,  observational and clinical studies on animal populations, and epidemiology of infectious diseases.

During his sabbatical year in 2007, he conducted several Avian Influenza training workshops in SE Asia, Central Europe, and Africa. In addition, he participated in several international meetings to refine international regulations, protocols and surveillance systems.

Dr. Salman is currently the principal investigator on several ongoing research projects which include: the enhancement of the Program for Economically Important Infectious Animal Diseases (PEIIAD), enhancement of the technical capability of the National Animal Health and Food Safety Services System in the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Albania, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq among other countries; simulation modeling for FMD, collaboration for highly pathogenic Avian Influenza, and the refinement of risk assessment methods for infectious animal diseases that have impact on trade and public health issues. In addition, he is the primary investigator on the following research projects: the national animal health capacity building program for Iraq, integration of veterinary epidemiology in the development of international standards, and coordination of the Cochran Fellowship Program for veterinary medicine.

Dr. Salman is currently a member of the Animal Health and Animal Welfare Panel of the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and a member of the advisory group of the FDA on TSE.