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Shana Cecile Gillette, PhD
Assistant Professor of Risk Communication
Department of Clinical Sciences

Risk Communication

My research is best described as the study of society-nature interactions from a spatially explicit communication perspective. At APHI, I explore effective ways to engage under-served farmers and ranchers in managing agricultural environments to benefit both animal and human health. My current studies seek to understand the best methods for involving epidemiologists and veterinarians in the development of decision-making tools for small-scale farmers and ranchers. The US Department of Agriculture has funded my research projects which include the design of a Chronic Wasting Disease risk management tool for captive cervid ranchers and the dissemination of a biological risk management seminar for dairy goat farmers. In addition to my research at APHI, I facilitate international workshops on Avian Influenza in regions such as West Africa and Southeast Asia.

Prior to my current research faculty position in the Department of Clinical Sciences, I served as a research scientist in the Policy Analysis and Science Assistance program at the U.S. Geological Survey's Fort Collins Science Center.

Dairy Goats

Online Resources

The USDA research projects have yielded online resources for small-scale farmers and ranchers that are available in the outreach section of the APHI website under resource materials.