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Franklyn Garry, DVM, MS
Department of Clinical Sciences

Dairy Cattle Health

Recent research efforts have focused on dairy cattle health issues. Johne's disease is a major problem for many dairy producers, and designing control programs to decrease spread of infection is important.

Loss of cows from productivity due to disease problems or death is an increasingly important problem to producers. Recently, we have focused on defining more clearly the causes of these losses and their relationship to dairy management features. We hope to develop new tools for monitoring cattle health and disease in order to call attention to management changes that could improve overall health and decrease premature removal from the herd.

We have also focused increasing efforts toward livestock worker training and education. Livestock workers can have a profound beneficial effect on animal health if the workers are adequately skilled.

Dairy Cows

As coordinator of the Integrated Livestock Management (ILM) Program, I work with a group of talented faculty, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, veterinary technicians, and students to forward ILM's mission, which is to provide creative solutions for the challenges that face the livestock industries through research, dissemination of valuable information, and training highly skilled personnel.