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Resources for animal health professionals include training and informational materials on a variety of topics. These resources are categorized by project title. Explanatory material is provided as well as the date of publication.

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Veterinary Medicine: Physicians for the Universe (PDF)

August 2011
The report, Veterinary Medicine: Physicians for the Universe, A Prospectus on Identifying Future Trends and Business Opportunities, is an opinion paper concerning the future of the veterinary profession. This 50-page publication was authored by Drs. Patricia Olson and Mo Salman.

Equine Infectious Disease Issues 2010 Study Final Report

June 2011
The Equine Infectious Disease Issues 2010 Study assessed the equine industryís concern about infectious diseases. APHI Faculty members, Dr. Shana Gillette, the principal investigator on the study, is a faculty member in the Department of Clinical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University. Dr. Josie Traub-Dargatz, CSU Professor of equine medicine, is the co-principal investigator.

Global Food Systems & Public Health: Production Methods & Animal Husbandry in the United States Introduction to Final Report

July 2008
In November 2006, the National Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production, a commission funded through the Pew Charitable Foundation via a grant to the Johns Hopkins University Bloomsberg School of Public Health, requested that a writing team participate in compiling a technical report on animal health and production methods of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). This report was part of the Commissionís task to address the impact of animal production on public health issues. Dr. M.D. Salman, Institute Director, was the Writing Team Chair.

Final Technical Report (May 2008)

Risk Management for Cervid Farmers

Risk Management for Cervid Farmers June 2008
The purpose of this web resource is to provide a risk management tool that will assist cervid farmers in understanding the risks associated with CWD so that they can develop strategies to manage and mitigate these risks.

Risk Management for Goat Producers

February 2008
Risk Management for Goat ProducersThe rapid growth in the demand for goat products has resulted in an increased demand for reliable and consistent information on disease risks that are specific to the industry, particularly zoonotic diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

These web resources are intended to provide goat farmers and ranchers with information on biological risk management and its connection with food safety practices.