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Veterinary Medicine on Navajo Nation

Madeline Anna (PVM 2017) & Roxanne Benally (PVM 2017)

"After an inquiry email, we were lucky enough to have the Navajo Nation Veterinary and Livestock Program (NNVLP) host us for a week at their Tse’ Bonito Clinic near Window Rock, Arizona located at the border of New Mexico…This is how the week progressed; mornings were full of dusty dogs and horses, we’d take a break for lunch and finish with cases that were still in-house and then begin the clinic clean down. Thursday was spay and neuter day and was the only day we saw cats in clinic…Dr. Upshaw-Bia was an excellent mentor in sharing her story and experiences of being one of the few Navajo woman veterinarians on the Navajo Nation…We are both blessed to have worked with Dr. Upshaw-Bia whose roots and life experiences are of similar coordination to ours as young Native American women wanting to use our education to help our Native American people and tribal nations prosper."


Trans Ova Genetics

Nicholas Lemmel, PVM 2016

"Today Trans Ova Genetics provides industry-leading reproductive technologies and expertise to cattle breeders through the United States and internationally... As a technical services intern I was able to assist veterinarians in performing reproductive procedures. Many of my duties involved set up and tear down of required equipment, regulating the flow and order of recipient and donor cows through the chute, and administration of the epidural block prior to procedures requiring it. I was trained on the proper protocols and techniques in freezing and thawing embryos as well as organizing and synchronizing recipient and donor cows..."


Lackland Air Force Base Military Working Dog Hospital

Hailey Harroun, PVM 2014

"The job of an Army veterinarian is a diverse mix of primary care medicine, shelter medicine, food safety, public health, practice management, and leadership... this hospital has the distinction of being the only Level 4 specialty veterinary service operated by the military. As a Level 4 specialty hospital, the Dog Center staff includes a boarded surgeon, criticalist, behaviorist, ophthalmologist, radiologist, internist and epidemiologist... I also participated in several surgeries, including four root canals, a dental extraction, two prophylactic gastropexies, a caudectomy, and a neuter... On the sports medicine service, I assisted with the rehabilitation of several post-op TPLO and extracapsular cruciate repair patients, as well as post-op caudectomies."


Study Abroad in Japan

Jade Fisher, PVM 2014

"While in Japan, I split up my time between The Japan Small Animal Cancer Center (JSACC), Azabu University, and the University of Tokyo... The JSACC has a team of about a dozen oncologists who are busy with appointments 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I went over the ultrasound, MRI, CT and radiographic findings of each of these cases with the medical oncologists and learned what we are able to appreciate with the different imaging modalities... We also discussed the biology of tumors and reviewed the treatment options and cytology for a variety of tumor types (such as transitional cell carcinoma, thyroid gland carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and melanoma)... The next two weeks I did externships at Dr. Shirota’s Renal Pathology Lab at Azabu Univeristy and Dr. Uchida’s Pathology Lab at the University of Tokyo. Both universities are affiliated with veterinary schools whose pathology labs utilize an array of laboratory techniques to make diagnoses and support current research."


North American Box Turtle Conference

Lily Parkinson, PVM 2014

"Attending the box turtle conference allowed me to learn from the nation’s leading experts in turtle medicine. I heard from zoo veterinarians about management of Ranavirus outbreaks, wildlife veterinarians documenting health status of turtles in different environments, and was able to learn from biologists about the detrimental effects of human construction, even when turtles are relocated. Additionally, I was fortunate enough to present my research on utilizing fibrinogen in turtles to identify inflammatory processes. Lastly, the networking and contacts that I was able to establish through this opportunity has been extraordinary. I have been able to participate in several externships and discuss turtle health issues with experts across the country thanks to the opportunity to connect with them at this conference."


Studying Stellar Sea Lions in Alaska and Parasitology in Kentucky

Jessica Carie, PVM 2016

"Lexington Kentucky, land of expert parasitologist Dr. Eugene Lyons, who I had the utmost pleasure of spending 4 days with this past Thanksgiving, learning all about marine mammal parasites and the tricks of the trade to locate and identify them...I spent the summer in Southeast Alaska studying Stellar sea lion reproductive rates and pup mortality. I collected 8 pups that had died and did full necropsies to attempt to figure out cause of death."


Symposium on Wildlife Utilization in Southern Africa

Hannah Turner, PVM 2016

"...University of Pretoria, 80 veterinary students representing 19 different countries gathered for a chance to learn about wildlife management...lectures began on the role of veterinarians in conservation and management of wildlife...Believing that best way to understand the work of veterinarians involved in the wildlife, was to see it first hand, we set off on a tour of South Africa's many wildlife parks and reserves."


Zoonotic Disease Risk Survey in Uganda

Jan Mladonicky, PVM 2014

"Last summer I traveled to Uganda where I worked with an NGO, Conservation and Ecosystem Health Alliance, and the Hoima District Veterinary Department...Zoonotic disease transmission, particularly Brucellosis, has been problematic in the area perhaps due to free ranging livestock and communal grazing systems...We developed and administered questionnaires to villagers and clinic health care providers in order to identify risk factors for this disease."


Wildlife Health Externship in Saskatchewan

Jennifer Malmberg, PVM 2013

"The highlight of the field component included travel to Grasslands National Park, where we learned about the reintroduction of two native species - the plains bison and the black-footed ferret...anesthetize captured ferrets, mark them for subsequent identification and study, and vaccinate them for Yersinia and Canine Distemper Virus...radiotelemetry efforts to locate free-ranging mule deer known to be infected with Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)...performing necropsies, composing post-mortem reports and reviewing the histopathology of wildlife cases."


Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary

Rachel Hooper, PVM 2016

"...I got hands-on wildlife experiences and was essentially the 24/7 veterinary care provider for a wide variety of species with a wide variety of needs...While I was at the Sanctuary I participated in several turtle hatchling releases, and even got to see a Green turtle laying eggs on the beach, truly some of the most incredible experiences of my life...I had the opportunity to treat a mantled Howler monkey for constipation, two 3-toed sloths with sarcoptic mange, a neighbor’s dog with nasty dog bite wounds, and one of the dogs that lived at the Sanctuary with a snake bite (unfortunately she did not survive). In addition to this I coordinated the deworming of all the primates, procyonids (kinkajou and olingo) and dogs...It was eye-opening for me to experience different way of practicing veterinary medicine, when you are forced to make do with what you have."


Business Externship at Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)

Christine Bui, PVM 2015

"...I was able to pull concepts I’ve learned from my MBA degree to a real life application and give valuable input to VPI on different strategic approaches to their projects...My externship was structured with meeting the heads of each of the main components of VPI: Claims Disputes & Review, Veterinary Service, Field Accounts, Veterinary Marketing, Vet Services- Caregiver, Underwriter, Customer Care, Compliance, PAWS, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer, Medical Records, Product Development, and a ride along with a Field Representative. In each department, I learned what they do and how they play an important supportive role in encompassing VPI as a business...A new change up to this externship was to visit a few close business partnerships: Gatto-McFerson and VCA."