Companion Care Fund

The Companion Care Fund was established to assist Veterinary Teaching Hospital clients that have financial need. Clients are approved to receive $100 from the fund after exhausting all possible financial resources, including family and friends, credit cards, and Care Credit. The staff in the VTH Business Office assist the clients and are the final ones to determine the financial need. Funds can to be allocated to clients that are pursuing non-elective procedures for their animal, and any tests and hospitalization relating to the non-elective procedure. This applies to all services of the hospital (Food Animal, Equine, Small Animal, etc.). Humane Society services are excluded from eligibility. Additionally, VTH personnel are ineligible to receive funds.

The Companion Care Fund was established in 2000 by the Student Chapter of AHAA. In 2003, SCAVMA got involved and developed it into the current program. SCAVMA contributes to its balance on an annual basis and it has additionally received funds from other sources. We hope to continue to provide more funds to its current balance to help more clients going forward. Additionally, the dollar value available to individual clients will increase once the balance in the Companion Care Endowment Fund has reached a higher level.

If you determine a client may need financial assistance from the Companion Care Fund, please contact the business office and they can assist you in determining if they are eligible.