SCAVMA Mission

Our Mission: We are a veterinary student community committed to enhancing the CSU's vet school experience while promoting professional and personal growth.

Our Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA) focuses on:

- Financially assisting the special interest clubs in the PVM program

- Supplementing the educational curriculum by sponsoring reknown speakers on a variety of topics

- Providing opportunities for vet school-wide social events

- Providing safe and effective avenues for members to voice their opinions to the student body and school administration

- Participating in public service projects that benefit our school and community

The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice-President, President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary, International Veterinary Student Association representative, SAVMA delegates, Class representatives, Colorado VMA Student Chapter President, and faculty advisors. SCAVMA officers also represent the vet students by serving on the Curriculum Committee, Honor Board and Vet Text Board.

SCAVMA members are invited to become more involved by helping with fundraisers for the annual SAVMA Symposium travel fund, joining committees to plan social events, or contributing to the Vital Signs newsletter. Ask any of your SCAVMA representatives for more information.