IVSA Overview


  • I.V.S.A is a worldwide organization whose membership includes students from more than 86 veterinary schools representing over 60 countries.
  • English is the official language of the I.V.S.A.


  • To raise the overall standard of veterinary education by increasing international and inter cultural exchange of ideas and knowledge.
  • To promote opportunities for veterinary students to undertake education in important areas outside their normal training.


  • Individual Exchanges
  • Group Exchanges
  • Summer Congress and Winter Symposium
  • Developmental Fund

Leadership on the International Level

  • General Assembly
  • I.V.S.A member present during Summer Congress or Winter Symposium.
  • GA votes on initiatives and officers at GA meetings
  • Executive Committee (ExCo)
  • Elected officers of the GA
  • Board of Trustees
  • Elected to help the ExCo carry out objective

USA Leadership

International Exchange Officer (IEO)

  • Serves on the SAVMA House of Delegates Executive Board
  • Organizes exchanges for US and International Students
  • Attends I.V.S.A. meetings and votes in GA
  • International Student Relations Committee

  • Committee comprised of 5 SAVMA Delegates
  • Helps promote I.V.S.A. opportunities
  • Gives one I.V.S.A. USA chapter a $500 award