What is SCAVMA?

We are the Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association. We help finance special interest clubs in the PVM program, sponsor speakers, provide learning opportunities, host social events, and participate in public service projects.

SCAVMA is a local "chapter" of SAVMA, which is the Student Association of the AVMA. SAVMA is composed of 28 SCAVMA chapters and represents us in the AVMA House of Delegates. As if this were not confusing enough, here in Colorado we also have a student chapter of the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA),which is sometimes abbreviated as SCCVMA.

On the National Level

Each student chapter (SCAVMA) is granted an official charter by the AVMA. This provides an avenue for students to begin learning about organized veterinary medicine. The Student AVMA (SAVMA) is the national organization of veterinary students that unites the 32 SCAVMA chapters (30 schools, plus 2 additional associate schools) as a single unit by representing us in the AVMA House of Delegates. There, SAVMA has a vote in the AVMA House of Delegates and a voice on the AVMA Executive Board. They also foster the exchange of information among the chapters by organizing the annual spring SAVMA Symposium, encouraging participation at the AVMA convention, and publishing a national newsletter called Intervet. Each SCAVMA chapter has two SAVMA delegates that attend the SAVMA House of Delegates meeting twice a year to represent the school's students. The SAVMA delegates hold a two year term and have opportunities to serve on various AVMA committees.

Please feel free to contact senior delegate Jessica Carie or junior delegate Callie Kuntz if you have any questions regarding SAVMA or veterinary medicine legislation as a whole.

CSU SAVMA Symposium 2014

When: March 20-22, 2014
Where: Colorado State University

Awesome wet labs, engaging lectures, and fantastic day trips await! Recreational opportunities like hiking, skiing, microbrewery tours and more! Early registration is open now! Go to this website to learn more: http://www.savmasymposium2014.com/.

Friday Afternoon Club!

The next FAC will be at Road 34 on March 7th from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

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