Producer Information

Providing information to animal agriculture professionals and producers is of foremost importance to the ILM. Presently ILM provides educational outreach in mutiple forms; seminars, a bimonthly dairy industry newsletter and the world wide web.

Benchmark Spreadsheet Templates
The bechmark spreedsheets are guidlines & finacial anylisis created by William Wailes.

Calving Management
The ILM has created a manual for Calving & Calf Care on Dairy Farms manual. It can be viewed on the web or you can contact Dr. Frank Garry for a copy of a CD.
We have collaborated with the Integrated Resource Management, IRM on a Caving Management Manual to assist cattle producers on better management to avoid calf death and decreases loss. Chapter 6 on Calving and Handling Calving Difficulties is provied on a PDF for your viewing. If you are interested in the 8 Chapter Calving Management Manual please contact; Dr. Bob Mortimer or Dr. Jack Whittier.

Colorado Dairy Newsletter
Colorado Dairy News is produced by Integrated Livestock Management and has been published bimonthly since September 1995 as a service to those interested in the health and welfare of the Colorado Dairy Industry.

As an alternative to whole carcass removal, ILM has created a guideline to composting carcasses and waste.

Dairy Cattle Necropsy
The ILM has put together a Dairy Cattle Necropsy manual for your use. It can be viewed on the web or you can contact Dr. Frank Garry for a copy of a CD.

Dairy Beef Program
The dairy beef program educates producers, farm advisors, and dairy veterinarians on issues in market cattle food safety and quality, and provides tools for assessing and certifying on-farm quality assurance programs.

High Mountian Disease in Cattle
High mountain disease (HMD) is also known as brisket disease, high altitude disease, dropsy or big brisket to the rancher and is a common condition in cattle raised on ranches at high altitudes (>5,000ft) in Colorado and its surrounding states.

Johne's Disease Educational Information
Because Johne's Disease was not seen as a major livestock production issue prior to the mid-1990's, there became the need for Producer and Veterinary education.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) produced by the Colorado Dairy News

Sulfur Intake in Cattle

Western Dairy Newsletter
The Western Dairy News is published as a service to the people interested in the health and welfare of the western dairy industry. The newsletter is the collaborative effort of eleven dairy specialists from eleven western states

Worker Training Program
Livestock worker training schools produced by the ILM