2004 ILM Summer Students


Charley grew up in the mountains of Southern Colorado. She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado and Williams College. Charley will receive her DVM in 2007. She would like to work in a mixed practice and periodically assist with agricultural operations in developing countries.

Training CD for Dairy Workers
Charley Abernathy, Dr. Dave Van Metre, ILM [ Abstract ]

Charley Abernathy

Carla grew up on a cow/calf ranch in rural northeastern New Mexico. She received her B.S. in Biology from Adams State College in 2002. Carla will receive her DVM from CSU in 2006. She plans on working in a rural area food animal or mixed practice.

Introduction to NAHMS activities
Dr. Jason Lombard, ILM

Carla Enderle




Kendra grew up in Vermont and Arizona. She received a B.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University in 2003. She will receive her DVM in 2007. Kendra’s long term goals include working in clinical practice and eventually becoming a professor at a veterinary college.

Grading Johnes Disease Infection Severity
Dr. Heather Hirst, ILM [ Abstract ]

Kendra Flood




Jace grew up on a cattle ranch/livestock auction in a small farming town in south central Utah. He received his B.S. in Biology from Southern Utah University in Cedar City Utah. Jace will receive his DVM in May 2006. His interest is in food animal, specializing mainly in dairy.

Dairy Cattle Reproduction
Dr. John Wenz, Dr. Kevin McSweeney, ILM [ Abstract ]

Jace King




Doug grew up in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Shadow Mountain High School in 1999. He pursued a micriobiology degree at Northern Arizona University until acceptance into veterinary school at CSU. Doug will receive his DVM in 2006. He plans to return to Arizona and practice dairy medicine.

Epidemiology of Lameness: Focus on Pododigital Dermatitis
Dr. John Wenz, Dr. Page Dinsmore, ILM [ Abstract ]

Doug Prante




Kathy grew up in Kiowa, CO. She received her B.S. in Animal Science at CSUin 2002. She is working on her MS in Animal Science-Nutrition. Kathy will receive her DVM in 2006. Her career plans include being a consulting vet for feedlots &/or dairies, specializing in nutrition.

Effects of Colostrum Processing Methods
Dr. John Wenz, Dr. Frank Garry, ILM [ Abstract ]

Kathy Whitman