2003 ILM Summer Students


Jenny was raised outside of McPherson, KS. She received a B.S. in biology from
Oklahoma Christian University and will receive her DVM in May 2006. Jenny hopes
to work in a predominantly large animal practice in a rural area.

Acute Interstitial Pneumonia
Dr. Gary Mason, Diagnostic Lab [ Abstract ]

Jenny Anderson

Gina grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She received her B.S. in Microbiology
from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. She will graduate with
her DVM in May of 2006 and hopes to work in a mixed or small animal practice.

Educational Tools: ID & Treatment of Sick Dairy Cows
Dr. Frank Garry,Clinical Sciences [ Abstract ]

Gina Henriksen

Katie grew up in Atlantic Beach, Florida. She received her B.S. in Equine Science
from Colorado State University in 1995. Katie plans to work in a mixed animal
practice in Wyoming after graduating with her DVM in May 2005.

Mastitis & Udder Preparation in Dairy Cattle
Dr. Heather Hirst, ILM [ Abstract ]

Katie Jones Katie with Dairy Cows

Jace grew up on a cattle ranch/livestock auction in a small farming town in south
central Utah. He received his B.S. in Biology from Southern Utah University in
Cedar City Utah. Jace will receive his DVM in May 2006. His interest is in food
animal, specializing mainly in dairy.

Dairy Cattle Reproduction
Dr. Kevin McSweeney, ILM [ Abstract ]

Jace King

Dusti grew up in a small town in southern Arizona and received her B.S. in Veterinary
Science from the University of Arizona. Her interests are in equine and production
animal medicine. She plans to work as a mixed animal practitioner after graduating
with her DVM in May 2006.

Characteristics of Recycled Sand Bedding Over Time
Dr. John Wenz, Clinical Sciences [ Abstract ]

Dusti Pruna

Julie grew up in Elizabeth, CO. She received her bachelors degree in animal
science from Colorado State University in 1999. Now a senior veterinary student,
she wants to pursue a career in a mixed or large animal practice. Her interests
are primarily in beef and diary cattle.

Educational Tools: Lameness and Hoof Care
Dr. Frank Garry, Clinical Sciences [ Under Contruction ]

Julie A. Severidt

Michael grew up in Kansas and Arizona. His special interests are in equine and
bovine reproduction. Mike looks forward to practicing mixed animal medicine in
a small, rural community. He will graduate with his DVM in May 2006.

Bovine Reproduction
Dr. Kevin McSweeney, ILM [ Abstract ]

Michael Suit

Sarah grew up in a small, mountain town in rural Colorado. Her background is
primarily equine oriented because she has raised, trained and showed horses for
most of her life. Her interests now are in dairy medicine, production and
management. Upon graduation in 2004, she hopes to join a dairy or
large animal practice in the Rocky Mountain region.

Dystocia: Dairy Calf Morbidity and Mortality
Dr. Frank Garry, Dr. Jason Lombard, ILM [ Abstract ]

Sarah Tomlinson

Kathy grew up in Kiowa, CO. She received her B.S. in Animal Science at CSU
in 2002. Kathy will receive her DVM in 2006. Her career plans include being a
consulting vet for feedlots &/or dairies, specializing in nutrition and reproduction.

EID: Product Testing & System Development
Dr. Kimberling /G. Parsons, Cooperative Extension [ Abstract ]

Kathy Whitman

Serena grew up in Kenilworth, a small rural town in eastern Utah. She graduated
from Utah State University in 2001 with a B.S. in Bioveterinary Science. Serena
will complete her DVM at CSU in 2005. She plans on pursuing a career in mixed
animal practice.

Evaluation of the Environmental Cleanliness in a
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Dr. M. Dunowska, Dr. D. Hyatt, Dr. P. Morley
[ Abstract ]

Serena Young Serena wiht Dairy Cows