2001 ILM Summer Students


I grew up in southeastern Montana with a strong
agricultural background and attended MSU to obtain a B.S. in Animal Science with a writing minor. My interests are in nutrition as it relates to reproductive soundness and behavior. I would like to pursue an internship in equine medicine, overseas, if possible. I expect to graduate with a DVM in May 2004 and prefer to practice mixed animal medicine in my native state.

Project: [abstract]
Protocol development for Shipping Fresh, Cooled Boar Semen
J. Altermatt, H. Blackburn, S.Sharkey

Joy Altermatt  

CSU: B.S. Major in Zoology, Minor in Anatomy and Neurobiology
CSU: M.S. Anatomy
CSU: DVM (2003)
Single parent of 5 year old, named Jerry. Hobbies: sports, working out, reading Patricia Cornwell and Stephen King novels, and going to movies.
Career Goals: Mixed Practice: special interest in surgery.

Project: [abstract]
Perinatal Transmission of Sheep Associated Malignant Catarrhal Fever Virus (OHV-2) in Dairy Cattle.
C. Carbone, I. Roman-Muniz, D. Van Metre, J. Carmen, H. Li, R. Dinsmore, R. Callan

Cameo Carbone  

I will graduate with my DVM from CSU in 2003.
I grew up in Wyoming and did my undergraduate work in Molecular Biology at the University of Wyoming. My veterinary interests lie primarily in beef cow-calf operations and I plan to return to Kaycee, Wyoming after veterinary school to
join a mixed/food animal practice.

Project: [abstract]
Bluetongue Surveillance Pilot Study.
B. Christensen, A.H. Seitzinger, V. DiGiallonardo, D.A. Dargatz

Brad Christensen  

I was raised on a cattle ranch in Northwest Wyoming. My
objective is helping producers utilize their resources to reach their production goals and maintain a high quality of life. I will graduate with my DVM in 2004.

Project: [abstract]
Evaluation of Acute Interstitial Pneumonia.
J. Gould, G. Mason, G. Loneragan, D. Gould, F. Garry, A. Woolums

Jared Gould  
Seth with calf

I was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona. After I graduated
from college at the University of Arizona, I started veterinary school with the intention of going into pathology. I still plan on persuing that career and have been looking into starting a residency program after my DVM.

Project: [abstract]
INOS Relationship to Infectious Abortion.
S. Harris, G. Mason

Seth P. Harris  

I grew up in Elizabeth, CO. I received my bachelors degree in animal science from Colorado State University in 1999. Now a sophomore veterinary student, I want to pursue a career in a mixed or large animal practice. My interests are primarily in beef and diary cattle.

Project: [abstract]
Field Necropsy as a Tool for Dairy Herd Health.
J. Severidt, G. Mason, D. Madden, F. Garry, D. Gould

Dairy Cow Necropsy Manual

Julie A. Severidt  

I grew up in a small, mountain town in rural Colorado. My background is primarily equine oriented because I have raised,trained and showed horses for most of my life. I am currently working at CEAH (Center of Epidemiology and
Animal Health) where I am participating in the 2002 Dairy Study and several other projects concerning vesicular stomatitis. My intrests now are in dairy medicine, production and management. Upon graduation in 2004, I hope to join a dairy or large animal practice in the Rocky Mountain region.

Project: [abstract]
The Epidemiology of Vesicular Stomatitis in Dairy Sentinel Herds of El Salvador.
S.M. Tomlinson, B. McCluskey, M. Salman

Sarah Tomlinson