Summer Student Program

This program ran successfully from 2000 until 2006 but was terminated due to lack of funding. The successful model remains a unique CVMBS program for food animal oriented students but is in need of monetary support.  

The program provides an opportunity for veterinary students at Colorado State University to be directly involved in research associated with the livestock industry.  Projects range from field based, clinical research to lab bench, basic science research.  The goal of the program is to provide students with exposure to livestock production units and management as well as the basics of veterinary research and scientific presentation.      
Each student is assigned a faculty mentor who is typically the principle investigator of the research.  The student is primarily responsible for accomplishing their defined research project which may be stand alone or part of a larger study.  Students are also encouraged to become involved in each other’s projects either through a single experience or more involved project collaboration, thus building a collaborative spirit and teamwork approach.  They also participate in a weekly seminar that includes presentations from faculty on research and topics timely to livestock production management.

Students are required to prepare an abstract of their work for submission to the College Research Day as well as a national meeting (AABP, ADSA, ASAS) for oral presentation.  This provides the students with first hand experience in data analysis and scientific writing as well as the process of sharing scientific information in a professional meeting.

Serena with Dairy Cows

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Seth with a Calf